Who is Cool Cat?

Graphic Design Company - Cool Cat Creative

Creative Graphic Design, Outside the Box

Hi, I’m Cool Cat. I’m the true inspiration behind the graphic design company, Cool Cat Creative. When Zoltan (“Z”) and Jennifer need artistic direction, they turn to me. When Z needs to know what direction to take the business in next, he comes to me for advice. Like any good cat I know that they don’t really own me, I own them. Of course, I help out around the office, too. I keep their laptops warm at night and dust off their screens with my tail.

You might have guessed by now that we’re not one of those bland graphic design firms. We like to keep things light and playful, like me with a ball of string. So, from the time you contact us until we deliver the final product, we strive to make sure your needs are being met and you are happy. Otherwise, I sit and stare at them with the “evil eye” until they give you a good product.

What makes a top graphic designer? That’s a good question. I’m glad you asked.

From our experience in working in Los Angeles, New York City and Clearwater, FL, we’ve found that a top graphic designer is friendly, polite, listens well, gets the concept of what you want and skillfully brings that concept into existence, or they create something entirely from scratch and blow your socks off with their ability to produce creative graphic design. That’s what we do and that’s why our clients think we’re the cat’s meow.

Check out our samples to get an idea of the quality of our creative graphic design products, as well as, the variety of services and products we offer, such as, website design, search engine marketing, logo design, printing services, custom sign design and car graphics design.

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