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Custom Logo Design by Cool Cat Creative

It’s me again, Cool Cat, here to tell you about our logo design services.

A logo is a unique symbol that identifies one’s company. It can be just a symbol, a symbol plus a name or a name on it’s own in a special typeface or font.

We feel the best logo design is a creative logo design. It should be something that catches people’s attention and sticks in their memory so that they identify it with your products and/or services. For example, it’s hard to think about your favorite soft drink, store, hamburger joint or cat food without also getting the image of their logo in your mind. That’s the power of a logo.

In order to produce a professional logo design for you we get a good feel for your company, what message you want to communicate to your prospective customers and your current customers, what kind of image you want to convey to them and any preferences you may have as to color, typeface, etc. Then we chew on all of this, like me chewing on a cat toy, until some fresh ideas start popping into our heads.

We have different logo design packages you can choose from which allow you to pick how many distinct logo ideas you would like us to come up with initially and how many rounds of revisions you would like to have on the distinct logo idea or ideas that you choose.

We offer many other services and products, as well: printing services, website design, search engine marketing, custom sign design and car graphics design.

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Logo Design Samples

Click on the link to check out our logo design samples.