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Hi, this is Cool Cat again. Creative web design starts with the twitch of my whiskers and the swish of my tail. I do a big stretch and then get down to work telling Z and Jennifer what to do. They could do professional web design on their own, but their websites don’t have the same flare without my guidance.

When we do eCommerce web design, usability of a website is something we focus on from the beginning. We want to make it easy for your prospective customers to navigate around your website and see what your products are so that they can gather data for a future purchase or go ahead and place an order right then and there.

A type of website that seems to be increasing in demand is a database-driven website. Once we set it up and add the web page design, you are able to add updates to the site (newsletters, changes to the text, up-to-date photos, etc.) on your own. We use Joomla web design tools for this.

We offer a variety of affordable web design packages. These are perfect for small business web design projects. These are very simple websites with a limited number of pages and content, which helps keep the cost down for you.

With our custom websites, we’re able to go wild with our creativity in bringing about a high quality, professional and eye-catching website for you. These are perferct for those who deem quality as more important than affordability.

We offer many other services and products, as well: search engine marketing, logo design, printing services, custom sign design and car graphics design.

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