Artwork and Design Definitions

Initial Concept:

The first (rough) version of new Artwork Concept offered by Designer, based on Client's initial requirements/data.

Redraw Concept:

A completely new (rough) Artwork Concept created, based on additional data/feedback from Client; if Client is not satisfied with any of the Initial Concepts.

Unique Concept:

Refers to both Initial Concepts and Redraw Concepts, collectively.

Detail Development:

Further developing a Unique Concept selected by Client, after the Sketch Stage; adding any required fine and/or final detail. Includes conversion to computer format, if Unique Concept Sketch was initially created on paper. Revision: A single instance/round of making changes/alterations to Artwork, any time after it has been created as a Unique Concept; whether still in the Sketch Stage, or already in the Detail Development Stage.