Print Set-Up Services

Our main specialty is designing - logos, printed stuff, websites, paw prints, you name it.

But we are also actively involved in the printing and/or manufacturing process, and sometimes our hard-won experience with this can come in handy for others.

Because we've had a chance to see first-hand how it works between the artwork and the printing press (or sometimes, how it just doesn't seem to work...) we can offer our help and experience to those that might not have been so lucky as we have, in being able to work all aspects of the printing and sign-making production line.

If you have your artwork all ready to go, but are not sure whether it will come out the way you want it to, we can look it over and make suggestions, or changes to it; and - hopefully save you some headache and unnecessary expense.

Give us a call toll-free at 888.548.8966 or email us and we'll "pounce" right onto it.